What we do!

Complexity Simplified!

Building more efficient companies & improving organization's business culture.

Transformation Management: Development of transformation roadmaps that are properly scoped against strategic objectives and quantified with return on investment from the social, environmental and growth perspectives.

Executive Advisors: Providing thought leadership to executives seeking unbiased guidance in business transformation,  Digitalization program management and fixed asset performance management.

Solution Architects: Well versed in leveraging business solutions that best fit client's needs in the disciplines of EAMs, ERPs, supply chain, workforce digitization, Six Sigma, and Lean methodologies. Data Models and target operating models 

Enterprise Business Process Analysis/Re-Engineering: Through our proprietary analysis tools and process expertise we develop roadmaps for achieving top quartile industry performance meeting your performance goals.

Our industry experience

  • Energy
  • Chemicals
  • Utilities
  • Transportation
  • Facilities
  • Consumer products
  • Government
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Healthcare
  • Pharma
  • Financials

Challenges in the market place.

customer pain points-

Slow adoption of technology solutions: As technology advances companies are looking at how to improve on their performance by integrating IIoT, cloud and AI into their architecture.  Many organizations struggle with understanding how these solutions align with their current processes and IT infrastructure. It is important to develop business cases for these technologies that may potentially mitigate business pain points, as well as help reduce the risk to the organizations mission.

Poor data management:  We like to say "big data is coming and there is no place to hide." Companies are finding it very difficult to make strategic and operational decisions with the current state of their data. Organizations must develop processes and data models to help propel their organization forward by accomplishing informed decision making.  Proper data model manages risk and improves profitability!

Organization culture: Maintaining a healthy corporate culture or climbing out of a reactive, ineffective culture are fundamental issues facing many companies today. Corporate structures are siloed by design and without the proper business framework it is difficult to stop this paradigm from ending in catastrophe.  It takes visionary leadership and commitment to transform to an organization that is stewardship centric. It is important to note that organizations take on the persona of their leaders, so leadership development is a keystone factor to overall organizational health and maturity.

Heavy customization of IT solutions:  Over time many organizations acquire heavily customized solutions and ambiguous architecture.  With the emergence of cloud computing, IT services have become more centric to industry verticals (modules) reducing the need for heavy customization. Simplifying architecture and moving towards business systems that have COTs functionality reduces process variability and IT support cost. An organization's IT solutions should be a scalable, loosely coupled architecture that promotes adoption of emerging technology. 

Aldebaran Solutions' approach-

Our experience is our number one attribute. Out of these experiences Aldebaran Solutions has developed a comprehensive assessment approach.  Our proprietary assessment instrument, Organizational Zen™ is designed to analyze your business systems helping to establish a roadmap for a generative enterprise culture.

      Tools of the trade are:

Industry research

Day in the life studies

Stakeholder surveys

Financial analysis

Governance analysis

Stewardship analysis

OEE modeling

Leadership analysis

SWOT analysis



Systems/IT landscape analysis

Environmental impact studies

Comprehensive System Review

We evaluate people, process, and technology.  We fully evaluate business systems from the tactical and strategic application of best practice using our Organizational Zen™ assessment framework.  Driving change and organizational transformation to meet the challenging requirements of a more environmental and social conscience corporate citizen.  Organizational Zen™ assessments provide a path towards improvement down to the tactical level enabling true enterprise transformation.