Organizational Zen™

Organizational Zen™ assessments connect the tactical enterprise to the strategic vision with actionable transformation roadmaps.

Aldebaran Solution's proprietary Organizational Zen™ assessments analyze business systems health establishing a roadmap for real transformation.

Achieving Organizational Plasticity Through Business Transformation

Connecting to Strategic Initiatives: 60% of companies surveyed report that ESG issues are a top concern and of those, 34% indicated that ESG issues are firmly entrenched in their companies.**

**Pearl Meyer Quick Poll: Environmental and Social Governance and its Potential Link to Incentives, March 2017.

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Delivering Organizational Zen™ assessments to improve client's enterprise business performance!

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Aldebaran Solutions is a management advisory firm

We quantify business systems capabilities analyzed against known best practice benchmarks using our Organizational Zen™ assessment tool.   The Organizational Zen™ framework will drive business transformation helping to create a more data driven, environmental and social conscience corporate citizen.

Our core offerings include:

  • Assessments - Organizational Zen™ 
  • Digitalization target operating models and maturity roadmaps
  • Business System Architecture/IT Solutions
  • Asset Performance Management (APM)

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Asset Performance Management

With our Organizational Zen™ business framework we offer a full suite of enterprise resources management solutions across multiple industry verticals.

  • ERP/EAM System Implementation and Digitalization Upgrades
  • Condition Assessments
  • OEE and RAM Analysis
  • PM Optimization and RCM

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Aldebaran Solution's proprietary Organizational Zen™ assessments analyze business systems health establishing a baseline for actionable transformation roadmaps. Performance improvements range between 30% and 38% on average.

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Within the Intent pillar, an Organizational Zen™ assessment examines how leadership executes on its strategies. Are mechanisms in place for fostering the intent of the strategies? Are tactical and strategic business strata aligned with the mission, vision, and values of the organization?

The organizations intention and aspiration sit at the very top of the enterprise. Whether these intentions are socialized or not, through action they permeate the organization's hierarchy, often with little resistance.

Whether you are the CEO who started the company in her basement, or the newbie on his first day at work, stewardship is all about putting intent into action and understanding that you play a role in something that is bigger than yourself. The stewardship pillar seeks to understand if the organization has normalized process stewardship and how soft skills are nurtured.

Normalizing "stewardship" in organizations cannot be forced, it is a result of developing servant leaders as described by Robert K. Greenleaf in "The Servant As Leader".
The process ecosystem pillar examines how resilient and capable current systems respond to business demands. Processes should be capable of recognizing and responding quickly to anomalies throughout the value chain. Process excellence should promote generative thinking and be inherently resistant to, or be buffered from, cyclical trends and external forces.

A shared purpose can only be cultivated in an organization where process transparency is celebrated as a mechanism for breaking down "silos" for shared goals.
Growth is not a linear concept. In the growth pillar, ensuring the organization is maturing on the same relative trajectory across the organization will facilitate sustainable growth and provide the greatest value for the stakeholders.

Sharing the vision and promoting generative thinking will encourage innovation as a catalyst for growth.